Manufacturer of orange peel grabs for handling iron scrap and other materials


Ferci Enginery manufactures a wide range of  hydraulic orange peel grabs suitable for truck cranes and material handlers. They are also specially developed for iron scrap handling as well as for bulk handling material in general, such as industrial waste, biomass, rocks, paper, plastic, wood, tires, etc.

The hydraulic orange peel grabs that we manufacture are available in standard volume capacity ranging from 150 to 1500 litres. However, the models can be modified to suit specific applications and individual customer requirements. In addition to orange peel grabs, we also supply hydraulic rotators, log grapples and clamshell buckets for handling bulk materials such as coal, plastics, gravel, biomass and similar.

All of our hydraulic grabs are specially designed to resist the hardest working conditions; their hydraulic cylinders are made with materials of the highest quality and durability. The pins and bushings are manufactured using special steel with heat treatment for hardening, so as to ensure resistance and longevity even under severe conditions and with poor lubrication, while the tine components subject to abrasion are made of wear-resistant steel HARDOX 450.  Ferci Enginery is a recognized member for SSAB in the program “Hardox in my Body”.

pulpos hidraulicos, hardox in my body

The range of hydraulic orange peel grabs suitable for truck cranes are avalaible with rotator, and the range siutable for excavators are available with an integrated rotation sistem for heavy duty.

The Ferci Enginery hydraulic grapples are the result of many years of experience, a consolidated manufacturing system as well as the involvement of many of our clients and subsidiaries in the development process which in turn have led us to manufacturing very high quality,  effective and trouble free hydraulic grabs.

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